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Welcome to Burnham on Sea and District Lions Club

We meet every month at the Fox & Goose Inn to discuss ways of helping in our local Community as well as International humanitarian good causes through Lions International.

Our Lions Club primarily serves the local communities of Burnham on sea, Berrow, Brean, Highbridge, Brent Knoll and surrounding villages. Within these areas, the Lions raise money throughout the year  with a wide range of fundraising events.

Lions Donation to "Music for the Memory" group of Burnham-on-Sea

Music for Memory Presentation

Music for Memory Presentation

Here is a brief summary of the occasion written by our President Roger Tolley:-

    A very brief summary of a visit to the Baptist Hall where I represented the club with Colin and Olive in making a donation to the 'Music for the Memory' group who are one of my charities this year.  We were welcomed, badged and engaged by members of the committee offered tea, biscuits (but no cider) and invited to join in.

    After a brief round of introductions using an Irish drum as accompanyment, (today was an Irish themed session) the singing started. Not my forte as Claire will vouch for, but I tried. Even though I had no idea of the words or that there were so many verses to certain Irish folk tunes but tap my feet, mouthed lots of Lah-di-dahs and hum along, I did. 

To see the other participants engaging, smiling, clapping, singing with eyes closed and joy on their faces was brilliant.

We were even treated to a version of 'Paddy McGinty's ghost' from one lady who had apparently been focussing on the meeting and her rendition for weeks, giving her more than just a focus but a great deal of meaning to her time at home. 

The ability to remember things is something that I simply take for granted more often than not, but was moved by the difficulties that Alzheimer's disease robs otherwise fit and healthy people of.

Indeed, a strong committee of organisers, maintain a really valuable self funded community group, friendly, welcoming and doing things for others with the only reward being a sense of goodness. Another uplifting experience I owe to being a member of our Club.

On behalf of the recipients of our clubs generosity, and the effort made by all of you at Christmas last year, I can pass on their heartfelt thanks.

A genuinely valuable experience, for which I personally thank you all again.

Roger T

Burnham-on-Sea Lions Receives a Cheque for £1152 for marshaling and collecting money from the Winter Carnival last November

With assistance from other Lions Clubs, Minehead, Weston and Cheltenham, Burnham Lions received a £1152 cheque from the Highbridge and Burnham Carnival Club.  

Every penny of this money will be given to well deserving people and charities in the local area.

Official Presentation of Cheque to Burnham-on-Sea Lions
Photo taken by Burnham-on-sea.com   www.burnham-on-sea.com

Money Raised for the Food Bank

Our Christmas collection at Asda and Lidl raised a considerable amount of money for the Lions to distribute out to several Local Charities.  One such was the Highbridge Food Bank.  Our President, Lion Roger, and Lion Gwen went on a shopping spree to buy items which were then taken to the Food Bank at the Methodist Church Highbridge.  

As a man not used to doing the weekly food shop, this was Rogers 
rendition of his shopping experience.

Gwen and Roger£s Food Bank shopping Expedition - a Mans point of view!!!!


Gwen and I spent a pleasant hour or so trundling around Tesco's this morning. All I can say gents, on the spending front, is this.........we let this one get away.

Picture this............A lady with in excess of £200 to spend in a supermarket on anything she wants, has a trolley boy (me) in attendance to do the heavy lifting, it's sunny, not too busy and the checkouts are empty.  Now, it is fair to say that in my very limited experience of shopping with ladies in similar circumstances is virtually non existent and so one might be forgiven for thinking that 'someone' just might, very occasionally, have to remind said shopper, of the budget? Welllllllllllllllllll!!!!. Let me tell you this. One very full trolley, loads of bags filled with every conceivable delicacy from the shelves and the bill comes to ............ £62.82.  "Ooh err," said the shopper with a look of consternation upon her cherub like features, "That won't do, that's simply not enough. What are we going to do?" It is at this point that she was 'the one we let get away.' UNFORTUNATELY It didn't take more than a moment before said shopper reverted to type (and I am stereotyping here for full effect), realised her mistake at not having spent enough money and promptly asserts.........................
" You'll have to go around again Rog!"  
Out we trot, fill the boot of my car, load it up and it filled the boot, I promise. Back in we go. This time, I start sweeping stuff off the shelves. I've got the bug. Spend on anything worthwhile, spend on anything on the list, spend on more of the stuff we already bought, spend on anything with a colourful label, spend on anythinig that looks good enough to eat, spend, spend SPEND.................................... Whooaaaooohh!

Back to the same cashier who looked quizically at us first time around so you can imagine what she was thinking when we present ourselves with another full belt of goods, two of us, flushed from the delight of abandoned shelf sweeping, flushed from the excitement of trolley filling, flushed from well, just flushed from pushing the bloody trolley actually. "That was quick," the cashier said, looking very carefully at the credit card presented for the second time in half an hour. "We're near professionals don't you know!" was the reply. "We've been sent back in to things properly this time" More scanning, more bag filling (Dont volunteer to do this as a charity activity. How many thumbs does a single person have?) more trolley stacking and checking of the sub-total. Another full trolley (overflowing actually) and the total is better this time, more realistic.........£64.66! Oh hell. I'm too tired to do any more and there's no space in the car. The whole of the back seat is filled now and we've still to get it all to the first floor of the Methodists Church yet. Anyway, after getting to the church, we are welcomed

and then shown a stair lift upon which we can put two bags at a time for transporting up the 28 stairs. Yes that's right, twentybloodyeight. If I say the lift was slower than Claire giving the President applause at a Quiz night, then you'll get the drift. Anyway, we shuffled 20+ shopping bags upstairs together with some loose packages to great appreciation again from the helpers there. Very well worthwhile. Gwen, I am sure, will give a much more balanced report at the next meeting but thank you all again on behalf of those who will benefit from the public's generosity and the good and kind spirit of the Burnham Lions Club. Thank you Gwen for an enjoyable morning, I appreciate your support most sincerely, and the ribbing you have taken here is only part payment for you know what!!!!!!

Regards RT

Our President shopping for the Food Bank President Roger shaking hands with Alun of the Food Bank

Marshaling at the Two Bays Tough Ten Challenge Sunday 5th February 2017

This year Burnham-on-Sea Lions provided the bulk of marshals for the 10 Mile run starting at Weston Grand Pier along the beach, along the promenade, along some of the toll road and  through the Weston woods, all the way to Kewstoke and back through the Weston woods and along the promenade down to the beach to the finish line, underneath the Grand Pier.
A very rewarding event and an excellent way of raising funds for good causes.
I feel worn out just writing about it, but over 1000 runners took part!!

Well done Lions!!

Over 1000 runners gathering for the start
Lining up for the Start
Running off the beach
First leg along the beach
Up the ramp to the promenade On the return journey, only half a mile to go
The last of the tail enders just gone through
The Beach Marshals - a job well done

Fred Broom's Tractor Run in Aid of theChildren's Hospice SW

District Governor Lion Fred has completed a 4 day fundraising tractor run around District 105SW during which he visited as many clubs as he could during his travels. The proceeds are going to Childrens Hospice SW in celebration of the opening of the first hospice 25 years ago this year. Congratulations Fred and the support team for all your efforts.

Unfortunately Fred's Tractor developed two punctures while travelling from Minehead to Burnham, so he didn't quite make it to
Saunders Garden Centre for the Burnham Lions Presentation, but we gave him the money anyway!!

Lions waiting for Fred for the donation presentationIMG 20161010_152951218 

New caravan ramp was built by Burnham Lions for Cheltenham Lions's Caravan at Lakeside Caravan Park Burnham-on-Sea

Our illustrious President,  Lions Colin Rufus, kindly offered our services to Cheltenham Lions to rebuild a new ramp for their caravan situated at the Lakeside Caravan Park Burnham.
It was no mean feat as we discovered when we embarked on the task.  With a willing team of Lions members,
Phil Cooke, Bob Jenner and Colin Holdom, we all assisted Colin Rufus at various stages of the building.  
As you can see from the photos below, the end result was truly a work of art.  Well done to everyone involved, especially our President Colin Rufus for his overall design and control of his workforce.  With his patience and advice, all labour strikes were averted, or was it his provisions of teas several times a day, I'm not sure.

A job well done

The start of the new rampCutting the galvanised metal rails using Colin's new toy!!

A well deserved tea break!Nearing completion

The finished ramp, already in useA Professional job done

Visually Impaired Bowling Tournament in Clarence Park Weston-super-Mare

This year Weston Lions organised the Visually Impaired Bowls and once again members of Burnham-on-Sea Lions, and other Lions Club members, offered their assistance by helping as scorers over the 4 day tournaments. 
Bowlers from all over the country, including World Champions, each with varying degrees of visual  impairment entered the competition, showing us all how talented they were.  
It was an incredible 4 days and an honour to be able to help - so enjoyable!!

Phil Cooke, one of our latest members, scoring on the first dayIMG 20160505_092124446

For Pictures of our Easter Egg Raffle, Click on the FUND RAISING TAB above and then the


Marshalling at the Sports Relief Apex Lake Run March 20th 2016

Waiting for people to arriveMarshals Briefing MeetingMarshals ready to take up their positionsLion Olive with Grand children Callum & Beau with their medals

For more Photos and Information 

Click here to go to the Burnham-on-sea.com

Marshalling at the Two Bays Tough Ten Challenge Sunday 21st February 2016

Once again we were asked by Weston Lions to assist them in marshalling the 10 Mile run starting at Weston beach, along the promenade, all the way to Kewstoke and back, through the Weston woods, across to Knightstone island and back to the beach to the finish line.
The weather was kind to our 9 marshals for the Sunday morning task.  Two of our marshals, Colin Rufus, (our President) and Judie Jones drew the short staws and did a grand job marshalling in the woods by "The Big Tree".

A very rewarding event and an excellent way of raising funds for good causes.
I feel worn out just writing about it, but over 1000 runners took part!!

Start of the Main Run 2016

Claire modelling the new Hi Viz jackets

2016 Marshalling

Lion Olive handing out medals to the Childrens Run

Burnham-on-Sea Lions went to the opening of "In Charley's Memory" Charity premises in Manor House, Manor Gardens, Burnham

The charity was setup following the tragic death of Burnham teenager Charlie Marks in 2014. Their aim is to help remove the stigma of mental health and help support young people and their families.

Ben McGrail of BBC Somerset cut the ribbon along with Tessa Munt and Founder of the Charity, Charley's Mum, at the official opening of the offices in Manor House, Manor Gardens.

And here's a terrible thought :-
"The most common killer of young men between 18-25 years old is suicide.
Males are three and a half time more likely to commit suicide compared to females"
Ben McGrail and the Charity Founder Charley's Mother along with Tessa Munt cut the ribbon

If you need help call 07927 017683

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/incharleysmemory

Click here to go to the Burnham-on-sea.com report on the opening ceremony

It's Great Being a Lion

Burnham-on-Sea Lions visited St Andrews School to show how important our local community is to us all and give some examples of how the Lions Club have helped people and organisations within the last year.

And oh yes, our own Lion Rufus was certainly a great hit as well.

Thanks to the staff of St Andrews for allowing us to come to their school

St Andrew School

Community Presentation IMG 0227
Having a tug at Lion Rufus's Main

Thanks to Lion Roger and Lion Rufus for the presentation

Our Christmas Train at ASDA  with Father Christmas and our very own Rufus the Lion having fun.  

I don't think Strictly Come Dancing have anything to worry about.

Marshalling once again at the Brent Knoll Run organised by Burnham Harriers. 

Lion Olive at the Brent Knoll Run

Click here for more details of the Run  

Father Christmas arrives at the Christmas Lights switch on in Burnham. 

Once again Burnham Lions were out in force helping to control the crowds who came to watch the entertainment prior to the lights switch on. Not only that, we brought Father Christmas on our Christmas train to bring pleasure to the children and hand out bags of sweets. A great time was had by all, especially Father Christmas who loves being with the children. 

Father Christmas arrives on our Train
The Town Cryer Sue and Phil on their first marshalling with the Lions. A big welcome to you both
IMG 20151121_145538860 Father Christmas & his Little Elf Helper

For more pictures and information go to Burnham on Sea.Com


Burnham Lions and Rotary Join forcesto help provide a much needed bathroom hoist for Lara

Rotary Past President - Ian Breed, Lion Olive Holdom - Community looking at the Bathing Hoist for LaraMJL280915 LIONS_ROTARY2

Cheque Presentation from the 65 Roses Quilt Raffle

Burnham-on-Sea Lions Club presented a cheque for £592 to Jenny Allen who is fundraising funds for Cystic Fibrosis Trust.
whose sister had Cystic Fibrosis was unable to say it so he always said Sixty Five Roses.

Jenny is fund raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust and is due to do the challenging walk of the 
Great Wall of China this month.
The cheque will help towards Jenny's trip so she can raise a lot more money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Here seen outside Material Needs in Burnham is the quilt being presented to the lucky winner who lives in Stoddens Road. 

The 65 Roses QuiltCheque being presented to Jenny Allen
65 Roses Quilt made by Members of Burnham U3A

For more information click below to look at BOS.COM photos and report


Our Easter Egg Raffle

Held at the Beachcomber in Brean, thanks to everyone at the Beachcomber for allowing us to take over the two rooms for an hour to sell our tickets  and make the draw - phew absolutely manic, but a tremendous buzz. 
Thanks to the local supermarkets for donating all the Easter eggs - you were great!! Thanks to all the Lions Members, and two non Lions, who helped organise, sell and run the raffle, and last but certainly not least to the holiday makers at the Beachcomber who gave so generously buying the raffle tickets.

We raised a lot of money for our local good causes in under an hour - brilliant !!! 

Lions Olive & Sue A very generous audience
Some of our great Lions Members who helped make the raffle such a success Tom who gave £20 after it was all over - just because he wanted to - thanks Tom.
Selection of Photos at the eater Egg Raffle



Our Anniversary Charter Night

We all enjoyed our evening celebrations at Laburnham House with good food and good company.

It's Great being a Lion

Three willing helpers setting ip the room for our Charter Night

Three of our willing helpers Claire, Olive and Roger setting up the room for our Charter Night.  
Colin & Eileen Rufus were also helping but were obviously so busy they hadn't time to pose for a photo.  
Well done everyone, it was a transformation!

Tables are all laid out ready for our guests

Tables are all laid out ready for our guests
Beautifly decorated tables

Lovely flowers decorating the  tables
The Head Table for our President and Distinguished Guests

The Head Table for our President and
Distinguished Guests
Our President Mike Wise with his distinguished guests & partners

Our President Mike Wise with his
distinguished guests & partners
Our President Mike Wise making his Official Speech

Our President Mike Wise making his official speech
Lion Isabel receiving her well deserved certificate for her years of service as Almoner

Lion Isabel receiving her well deserved certificate for her years of service as Almoner

Have you got some time to spare?

Why not become a friend of the Lions and help us with one or more of our events.

Strengthen the Pride Image








What a brilliant evening we had at our Business Meeting yesterday (4th Feb 2015) at our new venue, The Fox & Goose Inn, on the Bristol Road, Brent Knoll. A big thank you to Gail, the Manager, who offered us the meeting room. 

Joining us for the evening was the Director General, Alan Good.  We enjoyed his input to the meeting and I believe he enjoyed the good humour displayed by all the Lions Club Members. 

The whole meeting was so much fun for everyone, with so much laughter, but we were still able to get through all the items on the agenda including immediate financial assistance to a young family who only made the request for help 24 hours earlier.  
How fast can Lions move when necessary!!!!

It's Great being a Lion

Also a very warm welcome to Bob Jenner, our latest Lion Member who was badged up by the District Govenor, Alan Good

Badging of Bob Jenner by DG Alan Good

Marshalling at the Two Bays Tough Ten Challenge Sunday 15th February 2015

We were asked by Weston Lions to assist them in marshalling the 10 Mile run starting at Weston beach, along the promenade, all the way to Kewstoke and back, through the weston woods, across to Knightstone island and back to the beach to the finish line.
I feel worn out just writing about it, but over 1000 runners took part!!

The weather was very kind to our 7 marshals for the Sunday morning task.  A very rewarding event and an excellent way of raising funds for good causes.

Gwen & Olive on the way tomarshalling Gathering at the start
On their way, only 9 miles to go

Tesco Collection - Raising Funds for the lions

Tesco Collection OliveTesco Collection Claire

Marshalling at the Brent Knoll Run on a lovely Sunday Morning

Brent Knoll Run   Lion Olive at the Brent Knoll Run 

For more Information on Burnham-on-Sea.com  click below


Lions Mobility Scooter Presentation


Thimbs Up by the Fibro Group

Have a look at this link on Burnham-on-Sea.com for more information


 Community Cheque Presentation to Somerset Carers

Somerset carers presentation

The Lions Club presented a cheque to the Somerset Carers who do a wonderful job looking after elderly people in our local community from the ages of 65 to over 103 years.

National Autistic Society Garden Fete

Entrance to the fete

For more photos of the National Autistic Society Garden Fete
click on the Fund Raising tab above

11th  Annual Escape Day

Organised by BARB Search & Rescue,

Fundraising with our Lions Tombola on the sea front in Burnham-on-Sea.
A most enjoyable day was had by all and the weather was very kind to us.

Olive just before it started
Willing helpers
Everyone enjoys the Lions


Relay Lunch at Morrisons

As part of the Lions International World Wide Lunch Relay and a chance to meet the Burnham-on-Sea Lions, the Food Relay was held at Morrisons on June 6th.  Thanks to Claire who provided all the delicious savoury wraps and bowls of fruit, to Colin Rufus for the Lions displays and to the other helpers on the day.  All donations were in aid of the Highbridge Food Bank.

Claires food display with helpers Gwen & OliveFood tableAndrew & Colin helpers on the day

Our 37th Anniversary Charter Night

Our President Lion Les Barber enjoying the fesivities The Top Table

The apperance of Rufus the Lion with District Governor Marianne Warren and Lion Sue 

Our Tesco Collection 2013

A few days before Christmas saw our Lions Club Members collecting funds for our local charities.  We were all braving the wind tunnel conditions in the entrance to the Tesco store.

(Our thanks once again to Tesco for allowing us to collect from their store)

Gwen & Olive Tesco collection Kathryn Jacobs our Little Elf helper - thanks Kathryn Roger, Claire & Olive (just arrived)

A donation from a Burnham resident Katia, Jon and Colin


Burnham-on-Sea Lions Christmas Train 2013

Although it was Friday 13th our Christmas Train took to the streets of Burnham and we all loved it, especially the children who came out of their warm and cosy houses to see it and SANTA.

Our thanks go to all those who took part for the evening, especially Mike, (oh I mean Santa),  and to Warren Farm who kindly provided us with the Land Rover, as they have done many times before.

Santa giving presents to the children
Santa waving 2013